OpenBSD perform latest test results

created at 2019-01-15T01:24:05Z
test run
run 2018-12-28
test setup/install
first cvs checkout 2018-10-12
last cvs checkout 2018-12-28
steps 78/1day
repetitions 5/keep
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t10 PASS
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t10_-R PASS
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t10_10.3.0.33 PASS
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t10_-n100_10.3.0.33 PASS
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b0_-w1m_-t10 PASS
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b0_-w1m_-t10_-R PASS
time_-lp_make_-CGENERIC.MP_-j8_-s PASS
TCP Performance
UDP Performance
MAKE Performance
  1. OpenBSD/amd64 6.3 release
  2. remove PF_TRANS_ALTQ
  3. fix cvs vendor branch checkout
  4. update LLVM to 6.0.0
  5. retpoline for kernel
  6. revert remaining puc commit for com
  7. report CPU spinning time
  8. Add kern.witnesswatch sysctl
  9. add ret protector options as no-ops
  10. add retguard to clang
  11. pf generic packet delay
  12. patch some garbage in GENERIC.MP
  13. zap some garbage in GENERIC.MP
  14. infrastructure to install lld
  15. refactor retguard in clang
  16. OpenBSD/amd64 6.4 release
  17. prepare kernel for lld linker
  18. cvs vendor branch checkout
  19. use lld as default linker
  20. build clang with final lld fixes
PASS performance test passed
FAIL performance test failed to produce value
NOEXIT performance test did not exit with code 0
NOTERM performance test did not terminate, aborted after timeout
NORUN performance test did not run, execute test failed
NOLOG create log file for test output failed