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date 2019-02-28T03:27:57Z
author dlg
files src/sys/net/if_mpip.c log diff annotate
message Add mpip(4), an IP tunnel interface for "IP Layer 2" over MPLS pseudowires

This is basically mpw(4), but it carries IP directly instead of
Ethernet. On the wire it can look the same as what IP over MPLS
looks like, but because it is a pseudowire you can configure a
control word or the FAT label to improve load balancing. It can
be used to quickly set up an IP tunnel over an MPLS fabric
without the need to configure bgpd and mpe(4) interfaces.

Because It implements the same pwe3 ioctls that mpw(4) uses ifconfig
already supports configuration of mpip(4) interfaces. ldpd will
grow support for this in the near future.

This is not hooked up to the build yet

discussed with claduio@ at ak219
ok claudio@

date 2019-02-28T03:36:49Z
author dlg
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message add mpip(4)

ok claudio@

date 2019-02-28T06:06:28Z
author dlg
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message list mpls as a depend for mpe and mpw, dont require bridge to build mpw

mpe doesnt need ether as a depend while im here.

date 2019-02-28T20:20:47Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/net/pf_norm.c log diff annotate
message IPv6 fragments with malformed extension headers could be erroneously
passed by pf or cause a panic in pf.
fix from sashan@; OK bluhm@ claudio@
bug found by Corentin Bayet, Nicolas Collignon, Luca Moro at Synacktiv