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created 2018-11-30T02:59:29Z
begin 2018-08-29T00:00:00Z
end 2018-08-30T00:00:00Z
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date 2018-08-29T02:03:12Z
author dlg
files src/sys/arch/sparc64/dev/prtc.c log diff annotate
message move the todr chip handle into a prtc_softc structure

no realy change, this avoid having to allocate the todr struct in attach

ok deraadt@

date 2018-08-29T04:51:12Z
author pd
files src/sys/arch/i386/i386/vmm.c log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/i386/include/vmmvar.h log diff annotate
message First pass in bringing i386 in sync with amd64. This does not yet work, but is
being committed now so we can work on the rest in-tree.

ok mlarkin@

date 2018-08-29T06:04:46Z
author anton
files src/sys/kern/tty_pty.c log diff annotate
message Initialize device numbers for newly allocated ptys. Prevents a panic caused by
the following: a new pty is allocated in which the kernel console output is
redirected to, poll(2):ing from /dev/console at this point would be delegated to
the device with the major number taken from the pty due to the earlier
redirection. Since the pty does not have its correct device major assigned, the
wrong device ends up being used.

ok deraadt@ millert@

date 2018-08-29T20:18:14Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/usb/umodem.c log diff annotate
message Remove unused struct member.

ok deraadt@, mlarkin@