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date 2018-05-20T02:51:26Z
author helg
files src/sys/miscfs/fuse/fuse_vnops.c log diff annotate
src/sys/miscfs/fuse/fusefs.h log diff annotate
message Implement FBT_FLUSH. This is sent whenever a file descriptor is closed with
VOP_CLOSE(9). The associated FUSE file handle is however not closed at this
time and is instead closed on VOP_RELEASE(9) because that's the only time
it's guaranteed to be no longer used. Directory handles are now only closed
on VOP_RELEASE(9) for the same reason.

ok mpi@

date 2018-05-20T03:06:50Z
author helg
files src/sys/miscfs/fuse/fuse_vfsops.c log diff annotate
message Prevent race condition if file system is accessed before it is
initialised. Rather than failing, requests are now queued.

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date 2018-05-20T09:12:35Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/acpi/acpi.c log diff annotate
message Wake up the acpi thread after scheduling a gpio event.

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date 2018-05-20T09:30:00Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/acpi/dwiic_acpi.c log diff annotate
message Pass the acpi node corresponding to the i2c device down as the cookie.

ok mlarkin@

date 2018-05-20T18:14:01Z
author guenther
files src/sys/arch/amd64/amd64/locore.S log diff annotate
message Stash the syscall number in tf_err so it can be reported by the SPL check

ok mlarkin@ mpi@

date 2018-05-20T19:30:21Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/acpi/files.acpi log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/acpi/tipmic.c log diff annotate
message Add tipmic(4), a driver for the "Intel" Dollar Cove TI PMIC. This is actually
a TI part (SND9039) but the datasheet is only available under NDA because it
contains "Intel proprietary information".

Initial implementation handles the thermal sensors, providing data to acpi(4)
which is used by acpitz(4). Power management functionality will be added
later. Disabled for now until some bugs in dwiic(4) are fixed.