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date 2018-05-08T08:53:41Z
author mpi
files src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/sys_generic.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c log diff annotate
src/sys/sys/file.h log diff annotate
message Protect per-file counters and document which lock is used to protect
the other fields.

Once we no longer have any [k] (kernel lock) protections, we'll be
able to unlock almost all network related syscalls.

Inputs from and ok bluhm@, visa@

date 2018-05-08T08:58:49Z
author mpi
files src/sys/kern/vfs_subr.c log diff annotate
src/sys/sys/file.h log diff annotate
src/sys/sys/mount.h log diff annotate
message Move the vfs stall "barrier" logic to a function. FREF() will soon
change and this has nothing to do with it.

ok visa@, bluhm@

date 2018-05-08T09:03:58Z
author mpi
files src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c log diff annotate
message Change fd_iterfile() to not return imature fps instead of skipping them

ok bluhm@, visa@

date 2018-05-08T10:53:35Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/kern/vfs_subr.c log diff annotate
message When looping over mount points, the FOREACH SAVE macro is not save.
The loop variable mp is protected by vfs_busy() so that it cannot
be unmounted. But the next mount point nmp could be unmounted while
VFS_SYNC() sleeps. As the loop in vfs_stall() does not destroy the
mount point, TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE without _SAVE is the correct
macro to use.
OK deraadt@ visa@

date 2018-05-08T13:41:52Z
author mpi
files src/sys/arch/armv7/marvell/mvxhci.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/fdt/xhci_fdt.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/pci/xhci_pci.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/usb/xhci.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/usb/xhcivar.h log diff annotate
message Print xHCI revision in dmesg.

ok patrick@, kettenis@

date 2018-05-08T14:10:43Z
author mpi
files src/sys/net/pfkeyv2.c log diff annotate
src/sys/net/rtsock.c log diff annotate
message Introduce rtm_sendup() a function to deliver routing messages to a
socket receive buffer.

It is modelled after pfkey_sendup() as both will need the same MP

ok tb@, bluhm@, visa@

date 2018-05-08T14:15:30Z
author mpi
files src/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c log diff annotate
message Use fd_getfile() in sysctl_file() instead of rewriting it.

This gives use refcounting for free which is what we need for MP.

ok bluhm@, visa@

date 2018-05-08T14:43:24Z
author mpi
files src/sys/sys/file.h log diff annotate
message Do do include because it breaks some userland programs
that define _KERNEL...

date 2018-05-08T15:03:27Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c log diff annotate
message Socket splicing can delay operations by task or timeout. Introduce
soreaper() that is scheduled onto the timer thread. soput() is
scheduled from there onto the sosplice task thread. After that it
is save to pool_put() the socket and splicing data structures.
OK mpi@ visa@

date 2018-05-08T15:10:33Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/netinet/tcp_input.c log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet/tcp_output.c log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet/tcp_subr.c log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet/tcp_timer.c log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet/tcp_timer.h log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet/tcp_var.h log diff annotate
message Historically there were slow and fast tcp timeouts. That is why
the delack timer had a different implementation. Use the same
mechanism for all TCP timer.
OK mpi@ visa@