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date 2017-12-10T04:21:55Z
author jsg
files src/sys/arch/armv7/sunxi/sxie.c log diff annotate
message Enable the phy-supply regulator if present and use the phy id specified
in the device tree.

Patch from Artturi Alm who tested on a Miniand Hackberry.

date 2017-12-10T11:25:18Z
author mpi
files src/sys/net/rtsock.c log diff annotate
message Remove outdated comment and trailing spaces.


date 2017-12-10T11:31:54Z
author mpi
files src/sys/kern/sys_socket.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/uipc_socket2.c log diff annotate
src/sys/miscfs/fifofs/fifo_vnops.c log diff annotate
message Move SB_SPLICE, SB_WAIT and SB_SEL to `sb_flags', serialized by solock().

SB_KNOTE remains the only bit set on `sb_flagsintr' as it is set/unset in
contexts related to kqueue(2) where we'd like to avoid grabbing solock().

While here add some KERNEL_LOCK()/UNLOCK() dances around selwakeup() and
csignal() to mark which remaining functions need to be addressed in the
socket layer.

ok visa@, bluhm@

date 2017-12-10T11:58:15Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/fdt/if_dwxe.c log diff annotate
message Fix MDIO_CMD register bit definitions. From Stepen Graf.

date 2017-12-10T12:28:37Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/fdt/if_dwxe.c log diff annotate
message Add support for the internal PHY on the Allwinner H3. From Stephen Graf.

date 2017-12-10T20:34:41Z
author stsp
files src/sys/dev/pci/if_iwm.c log diff annotate
message Stop running iwm(4) devices in "continuous active mode (CAM)".

Instead, enable device-level power saving which apparently allows
Tx/Rx RF circuitry to be switched off while inactive to save some power.
Turns out CAM is meant for debugging purposes, not normal operation.

NB: This has nothing to do with 802.11 power saving.

Tested by myself and phessler. There is no visible behaviour change.
ok deraadt@ phessler@

date 2017-12-10T21:44:07Z
author deraadt
files src/sys/arch/i386/i386/acpi_wakecode.S log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/i386/i386/locore0.S log diff annotate
message more 0xcc, in data. There are i386 machines without NX, so this change
isn't a no-op
ok mlarkin