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created 2020-04-11T18:07:31Z
begin 2020-04-09T00:00:00Z
end 2020-04-10T00:00:00Z
path src/sys
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date 2020-04-09T07:20:08Z
author stsp
files src/sys/dev/pci/if_iwn.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/pci/if_iwnvar.h log diff annotate
message Fix an automatic Tx rate control issue in iwn(4).

Same change as made for iwm(4) and iwx(4), but also accounts for block ack.
Avoids Tx results being reported and evaluated even if they did not correspond
to the most recently chosen rate, spoiling the data available to the rate
control algorithm.

tested by benno, jmc, and krw; no regressions seen

date 2020-04-09T09:25:50Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/dev/fdt/rkrng.c log diff annotate
message Assign and enable clocks; RK3328 has them.

date 2020-04-09T21:36:50Z
author stsp
files src/sys/dev/pci/if_iwm.c log diff annotate
message When I removed CCK fallback from iwm(4) I accidentally left an else-if block
in place which should have been deleted entirely. As a result firmware-based
retries weren't being used in 11n mode anymore. Fix this.

I really shouldn't be committing non-trivial changes without OK...