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date 2020-02-26T06:07:09Z
author pd
files src/sys/arch/amd64/amd64/vmm.c log diff annotate
message vmm(4): tighten rdmsr on svm

For MSRs not emulated or passed through explicitly, inject #GP.

With help from brynet@

Reported by Maxime Villard.

ok brynet@

date 2020-02-26T06:32:22Z
author pd
files src/sys/arch/amd64/amd64/vmm.c log diff annotate
message vmm(4): check page boundaries for pvclock struct

Check if pvclock struct crosses page boundaries as that could potentially
corrupt host memory.

Discussed with guenther@ and Mike Larkin
Reported by Maxime Villard.

ok mortimer@

date 2020-02-26T13:54:52Z
author visa
files src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c log diff annotate
message Release the file descriptor table lock before calling closef()
in finishdup(). This makes the order of operations similar to that
of fdrelease() and removes a case where lock ordering might cause

OK anton@, mpi@

date 2020-02-26T14:23:15Z
author visa
files src/sys/lib/libkern/libkern.h log diff annotate
message Remove non-__STDC__ assert macros from <lib/libkern/libkern.h>.
The macros are defined in a part of the header where a C compiler
is required. In addition, the macros expand to C code, so it looks
unnecessary to define the asserts with traditional cpp in mind.

OK cheloha@, mpi@

date 2020-02-26T14:29:52Z
author tobhe
files src/sys/dev/pci/if_iwm.c log diff annotate
message Rx interrupt handling can lead to a race where the interrupt is handled
before the shared data was updated. As a workaround each "real" interrupt
enables the "periodic" Rx interrupt which triggers after 8 ms and detects
any dangling Rx activity. If dangling Rx activity was detected the periodic
interrupt is restarted, if not it stays disabled until the next "real" Rx
interrupt is handled.
The periodic interrupt is not supposed to write IWM_CSR_FH_INT_STATUS
unless it has detected dangling Rx activity.

ok stsp@ patrick@