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created 2020-02-15T21:31:39Z
begin 2020-02-13T00:00:00Z
end 2020-02-14T00:00:00Z
path src/sys
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date 2020-02-13T08:47:10Z
author claudio
files src/sys/kern/vfs_subr.c log diff annotate
src/sys/kern/vfs_vops.c log diff annotate
message Move the LK_DRAIN logic from VOP_LOCK() to vclean() the only caller of
VOP_LOCK with LK_DRAIN. This simplifies VOP_LOCK() a fair bit.
OK visa@

date 2020-02-13T15:11:32Z
author krw
files src/sys/dev/softraid.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/softraidvar.h log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/atapiscsi/atapiscsi.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/ic/ciss.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/ic/mfi.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/ic/mfireg.h log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/ic/mpi.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/pci/arc.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/usb/umass_scsi.c log diff annotate
message Nuke *_minphys() functions that either simply apply MAXPHYS or do
nothing at all. MAXPHYS will be applied in minphys() and nothing at
all, well, doesn't do anything.

Also remove any '#define <blah> MAXPHYS' statements used solely to
disguise MAXPHYS in said functions.

date 2020-02-13T15:39:02Z
author mikeb
files src/sys/dev/pv/xen.c log diff annotate
message Resolve a few issues with interrupt handling

Upon a failed task_add, the adjusted reference counter needs
to be decremented.

xen_intr_schedule should follow the same logic as xen_intr.

Tested by Niklas Hallqvist. Ok mpi@

date 2020-02-13T18:19:07Z
author jasper
files src/sys/dev/usb/utwitch.c log diff annotate
message replace incorrect function name in error message with __func__

date 2020-02-13T21:00:48Z
author ratchov
files src/sys/dev/audio.c log diff annotate
message Fix missing locking during calls to selwakeup().

selwakeup() was called in the interrupt handler, i.e. with the
audio_lock held. We can't just grab the KERNEL_LOCK needed by
selwakeup(), because locks would be taken in the wrong order. Solve
this by defering selwakeup() calls to a softintr, called with the

Mostly from mpi@, ok mpi@.