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date 2019-12-23T08:05:42Z
author kettenis
files src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/RAMDISK_CD log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/acpi/amdgpio.c log diff annotate
src/sys/dev/acpi/files.acpi log diff annotate
message Add amdgpio(4), a driver for the GPIO controller found on newer AMD
AMD SoCs/chipsets.

From James Hastings

date 2019-12-23T09:03:24Z
author dlg
files src/sys/net/if_aggr.c log diff annotate
message when aggr(4) comes up, check port link state to push the rxm forward.

this lets aggr come up on boot if there's a race with it being
brought up and the ports being up.

reported by holger glaess on misc@ and debugged with hrvoje popovski.
tested by hrvoje popovski too.

date 2019-12-23T12:44:34Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/arch/amd64/stand/boot/boot.8 log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/hppa/stand/boot/boot.8 log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/i386/stand/boot/boot.8 log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/landisk/stand/boot/boot.8 log diff annotate
src/sys/arch/macppc/stand/boot.8 log diff annotate
message The boot loader allows to inspect memory with the hexdump command.
Document the new feature in boot(8) man page.
OK jmc@ deraadt@

date 2019-12-23T21:42:01Z
author bluhm
files src/sys/arch/amd64/include/param.h log diff annotate
message Machines with many CPUs and long feature lists fill up the dmesg(8)
during kernel startup before syslogd(8) can receive it. Increase
message buffer size from 94k to 128k on amd64.
reported by Hrvoje Popovski; OK deraadt@

date 2019-12-23T22:33:57Z
author sashan
files src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c log diff annotate
src/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c log diff annotate
message rdr-to with loopback destination should work even though
IP forwarding is disabled. Issue reported by Daniel Jakots (danj@)

OK bluhm@

date 2019-12-23T23:02:53Z
author sashan
files src/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c log diff annotate
message fix broken tree. sorry for inconveniences.