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date 2019-12-12T17:52:25Z
author cheloha
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message Recommit "tc_windup: separate timecounter.tc_freq_adj from timehands.th_adjustment"

Reverted with backout of tickless timeouts.

Original commit message:

We currently mix timecounter.tc_freq_adj and timehands.th_adjtimedelta
in ntp_update_second() to produce timehands.th_adjustment, our net skew.
But if you set a low enough adjfreq(2) adjustment you can freeze time.
This prevents ntp_update_second() from running again. So even if you
then set a sane adjfreq(2) you cannot unfreeze time without rebooting.

If we just reread timecounter.tc_freq_adj every time we recompute
timehands.th_scale we avoid this trap. visa@ notes that this is
more costly than what we currently do but that the cost itself is

Intuitively, timecounter.tc_freq_adj is a constant skew and should be
handled separately from timehands.th_adjtimedelta, an adjustment that
we chip away at very slowly.

tedu@ notes that this problem is sort-of an argument for imposing range
limits on adjfreq(2) inputs. He's right, but I think we should still
separate the counter adjustment from the adjtime(2) adjustment, with
or without range limits.

ok visa@