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date 2019-08-01T03:05:46Z
author dlg
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message add tpmr(4), a quick and dirty 802.1Q Two-Port MAC Relay implementation

a TPMR is a simplified brigde (as supported by bridge(4)). it only
supports two ports, and unconditionally forwards frames between
them. this is unlike a real bridge which can support an arbitrary
number of ports and implements a learning algorithm.

i needed this to tunnel LACP between switches in a couple of data
centers separated by an IP network. because bridge(4) implements
an actual 802.1Q bridge, it eats packets that are supposed to be
sent between bridges, such as spanning tree and LACP. TPMR according
to the spec does a lot less of this, and is in fact documented in
the spec as being able to support transport of LACP frames. tpmr(4)
is actually a lot dumber and current does no filtering (except what
you can do with BPF).

because the forwarding path in tpmr(4) is so short and simple, it
is relatively fast and can be used to isolate and help improve the
relative performance of some parts of the system. i also have plans
to use this for monitoring traffic without processing it.

tpmr(4) implements the trunk(4) ioctls for managing configuration.
the ifconfig output for trunk interfaces is a bit shorter and needs
a lot less stuff faked to be useful. inside the kernel it appears
as an IFT_BRIDGE interface (like bridge(4)). it generally just drops
stuff unless it's between the ports it's managing.

this has been in production at my work for a few days between some
physical nics and etherip(4), and so far it has been really solid.
hrvoje popovski has kicked the tyres too, but more from a performance
point of view.

ok claudio@ deraadt@

date 2019-08-01T03:06:35Z
author dlg
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message wire up tpmr(4), an 802.1Q Two-Port MAC Relay implementation

date 2019-08-01T03:06:59Z
author dlg
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message enable tpmr(4) so people can try it.

date 2019-08-01T04:52:56Z
author visa
files src/sys/arch/octeon/stand/rdboot/cmd.c log diff annotate
message Fix fd leak that broke disk_close().