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date 2019-03-18T00:05:52Z
author dlg
files src/sys/net/bpf.c log diff annotate
message extend BIOCSFILDROP so it can be configured to not capture packets.

BIOCSFILDROP was already able to be used as a quick and dirty
firewall, which is especially useful when you you want to filter
non-ip things. however, capturing the packets you're dropping is a
lot of overhead when you just want to drop stuff. this extends
fildrop so you can tell bpf not to capture the packets it drops.

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date 2019-03-18T03:20:36Z
author dlg
files src/sys/net/if_mpip.c log diff annotate
src/sys/net/if_mpw.c log diff annotate
message make SIOCGETLABEL fail with EADDRNOTAVAIL if the label is not set.

this makes ifconfig print "(unset)" to show the label isn't set yet.

date 2019-03-18T03:21:20Z
author dlg
files src/sys/net/if_mpe.c log diff annotate

makes mpe consistent with mpw and mpip

date 2019-03-18T04:12:02Z
author dlg
files src/sys/conf/GENERIC log diff annotate
message enable mpip(4)

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date 2019-03-18T16:10:39Z
author fcambus
files src/sys/dev/rasops/rasops.c log diff annotate
message Modify rasops_list_font_cb() to not filter out fonts with different
sizes than the currently used one. This allows getting a list of all
loaded fonts when using the WSDISPLAYIO_LSFONT ioctl.

On top of allowing to see all fonts which are currently loaded when
invoking the -l option of wsfontload(8), it also removes the confusion
as to why we might reach the WSDISPLAY_MAXFONTCOUNT limit faster than
expected when loading more fonts.

OK sthen@

date 2019-03-18T17:30:08Z
author anton
files src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/Makefile.amd64 log diff annotate
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src/sys/kern/subr_kubsan.c log diff annotate
message Add kubsan(4), a undefined behavior sanitizer for the kernel. It's
capable of detecting undefined behavior at runtime and all findings are
printed to the system console, including the offending line in the
source code.

kubsan is limited to architectures using Clang as their default compiler
and is not enabled by default.

Derived from the NetBSD implementation.

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