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OpenBSD perform 6.5 release 2019-05-13 checkout test results

created at 2022-05-08T18:21:43Z
run at 2019-05-13T21:38:24Z
run log/duration 03:01:11
test host with cpu cores ot12/8
machine release setup 6.5/install info
steps 3/1day
cvs checkout 2019-05-06 2019-05-07 2019-05-08
machine build info build info build info
kernel build version version version
kernel commits cvslog/13 cvslog/5
build quirks quirks
repetitions kernel mode 5/keep 5/keep 5/keep
openbsd-openbsd-stack-tcp-ip3fwd-ot12 iperf3 -c10.3.0.33 -w1m -t10 PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 3250000000 3250000000 3210000000 bits/sec 3236666666.66667 3210000000 3250000000 18856180.8316413 0.00582580252264921
receiver 3200000000 3190000000 3150000000 bits/sec 3180000000 3150000000 3200000000 21602468.9946929 0.00679322924361411
openbsd-openbsd-stack-tcp-ip3rev-ot12 iperf3 -c10.3.0.33 -w1m -t10 -R PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 3130000000 3240000000 3220000000 bits/sec 3196666666.66667 3130000000 3240000000 47842333.6480244 0.014966319180821
receiver 3190000000 3300000000 3290000000 bits/sec 3260000000 3190000000 3300000000 49665548.0858378 0.0152348307011772
openbsd-openbsd-stack-tcpbench-single-ot12 tcpbench -S1000000 -t10 PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 3101195250 3111386500 3059951500 bits/sec 3090844416.66667 3059951500 3111386500 22237275.3017815 0.00719456313681534
openbsd-openbsd-stack-tcpbench-parallel-ot12 tcpbench -S1000000 -t10 -n100 PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 3125358750 3112332375 3059699625 bits/sec 3099130250 3059699625 3125358750 28384294.393533 0.00915879363041712
openbsd-openbsd-stack-udp-ip3fwd-ot12-1 iperf3 -c10.3.0.33 -u -b10G -w1m -t10 PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 1130000000 1110000000 1160000000 bits/sec 1133333333.33333 1110000000 1160000000 20548046.6765633 0.018130629420497
receiver 1110000000 1080000000 1130000000 bits/sec 1106666666.66667 1080000000 1130000000 20548046.6765633 0.0185675120571355
openbsd-openbsd-stack-udp-ip3rev-ot12-1 iperf3 -c10.3.0.33 -u -b10G -w1m -t10 -R PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
sender 1170000000 1170000000 1190000000 bits/sec 1176666666.66667 1170000000 1190000000 9428090.41582063 0.00801254142987589
receiver 1170000000 1170000000 1190000000 bits/sec 1176666666.66667 1170000000 1190000000 9428090.41582063 0.00801254142987589
make-bsd-j8 time -lp make -CGENERIC.MP -j8 -s PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
real 155.644 151.318 154.918 sec 153.96 151.318 155.644 1.89154117058022 0.0122859260235141
user 538.624 537.834 539.142 sec 538.533333333333 537.834 539.142 0.537823597680705 0.000998682095222899
sys 495.728 501.976 502.954 sec 500.219333333333 495.728 502.954 3.20085169221501 0.00639889640187507
file-system time -lp fs mark -dfs mark -D8 -N16 -n256 -t8 PASS PASS PASS unit mean minimum maximum deviation relative
files 154.38 153.64 155.16 1/sec 154.393333333333 153.64 155.16 0.620609019879324 0.00401966203125776
TCP Performance
UDP Performance
MAKE Performance
FS Performance
2017-10-04T03:27:49Z A OpenBSD/amd64 6.2 release
2017-10-04T21:45:15Z B fix cvs vendor branch checkout
2017-10-04T21:45:16Z C clang update LLVM to 5.0.0
2017-11-13T11:30:11Z D pfctl pf packet rate matching
2017-11-16T18:12:27Z E move kernel source file dwiic.c
2017-11-28T16:05:47Z F pfctl pf divert type
2017-12-11T05:27:40Z G sysctl struct vfsconf
2017-12-25T12:09:20Z H clang update LLVM to 5.0.1
2018-02-06T23:44:48Z I pfctl pf syncookies
2018-03-24T20:27:40Z J OpenBSD/amd64 6.3 release
2018-04-05T03:32:39Z K pfctl remove PF_TRANS_ALTQ
2018-04-07T10:05:05Z L fix cvs vendor branch checkout
2018-04-07T10:05:06Z M clang update LLVM to 6.0.0
2018-04-27T15:19:32Z N retpoline for kernel
2018-05-02T13:20:12Z O revert remaining puc commit for com
2018-05-14T12:31:21Z P top systat report CPU spinning time
2018-05-16T14:53:43Z Q sysctl add kern.witnesswatch
2018-06-03T21:30:38Z R clang add ret protector options as no-ops
2018-06-06T00:14:29Z S clang add retguard
2018-07-10T09:28:27Z T pfctl pf generic packet delay
2018-07-12T22:09:04Z U patch some garbage in GENERIC.MP
2018-07-13T05:25:24Z V zap some garbage in GENERIC.MP
2018-07-26T13:20:53Z W binutils infrastructure to install lld
2018-08-12T17:07:00Z X clang refactor retguard
2018-10-11T19:37:31Z Y OpenBSD/amd64 6.4 release
2018-10-16T18:20:58Z Z prepare kernel for lld linker
2018-10-22T15:18:50Z a cvs vendor branch checkout
2018-10-22T19:31:30Z b use lld as default linker
2018-10-24T21:19:03Z c clang with final lld fixes
2018-12-30T23:08:05Z d clang turns on retpoline by default
2019-01-12T23:36:35Z e clang builds itself without retpoline
2019-01-27T17:29:36Z f clang update LLVM to 7.0.1
2019-01-30T03:08:12Z g clang implement save function arguments
2019-02-03T10:58:51Z h save function arguments for ddb traces
2019-02-18T13:11:44Z i pfctl pf len ioctl get states
2019-03-01T16:46:11Z j binutils for libLLVM
2019-03-05T14:01:08Z k clang with libLLVM
2019-04-02T03:02:47Z l clang no stack protector if retguard
2019-04-13T20:56:59Z m OpenBSD/amd64 6.5 release
2019-05-08T23:53:40Z n add ucrcom to files
2019-06-17T22:31:48Z o libcxx update libc++, libc++abi, libunwind to 8.0.0
2019-06-23T17:18:50Z p sysctl kinfo_proc add p_pledge
2019-06-23T22:21:06Z q clang update LLVM to 8.0.0
2019-06-25T14:08:57Z r sysctl kinfo_proc move p_pledge
2019-08-02T02:17:35Z s per-process itimers, missing part of commit
2019-08-28T22:39:09Z t uhci PCI ACPI attach fail
2019-09-01T16:40:03Z u clang update LLVM to 8.0.1
2019-10-12T17:05:22Z v OpenBSD/amd64 6.6 release
2019-11-03T20:16:01Z w sys_shmctl fix copyin
2019-11-27T01:13:04Z x kernel provides msyscall as a noop
2019-11-29T06:34:46Z y uses msyscall to permit syscalls
2020-05-07T17:20:22Z z OpenBSD/amd64 6.7 release
2020-06-08T04:48:12Z A' update drm moves kernel source files
2020-07-06T13:33:09Z B' kernel provides timecounting in userland
2020-07-08T09:17:48Z C' libc uses timecounting in userland
2020-07-17T06:33:07Z D' include toeplitz.h in ixgbe.h
2020-07-17T07:40:35Z E' include toeplitz.h in ixgbe.h and backout in if_ix.c
2020-07-17T07:49:49Z F' backout bad include of toeplitz.h in if_ix.c
2020-07-23T14:53:48Z G' binutils bfd fixes strip after clang 10
2020-08-03T15:29:25Z H' clang update LLVM to 10.0.0
2020-08-09T15:56:55Z I' clang update LLVM to 10.0.1
2020-09-12T07:47:27Z J' move asmc.c kernel source file
2020-10-01T14:02:08Z K' pfctl routing domain check
2020-10-05T00:22:38Z L' OpenBSD/amd64 6.8 release
2021-02-08T11:20:04Z M' softraid_raid1c.c was not added in commit
2021-02-08T11:21:53Z N' replace softraid_raid1c.c copy with commit
2021-04-19T16:48:56Z O' OpenBSD/amd64 6.9 release
2021-04-28T13:07:33Z P' clang, libc++, and libc++abi update LLVM to 11.1.0
2021-05-21T16:52:42Z Q' futex ABI change in libc and librthread
2021-06-13T21:11:54Z R' futex full syscall stub and save errno
2021-06-28T08:55:06Z S' btrace includes userland in kstack
2021-07-07T02:38:38Z T' update drm moves kernel source files
2021-09-01T13:37:14Z U' clang lfence after ret in retpoline
2021-09-30T20:34:00Z V' OpenBSD/amd64 7.0 release
2021-10-21T22:59:08Z W' remove dangling crypto noqueue, missing part of commit
2021-11-23T10:30:08Z X' install with ar variable
2021-12-17T14:55:47Z Y' clang, libc++, and libc++abi update LLVM to 13.0.0
2021-12-23T18:50:59Z Z' kernel removes padding from syscalls
2022-01-14T06:53:17Z a' update drm moves kernel source files
2022-02-22T17:26:04Z b' maxcomlen include
2022-02-22T17:42:52Z c' param include
2022-03-23T14:36:01Z d' revert scsi link commit, panic during boot
2022-04-12T00:10:09Z e' OpenBSD/amd64 7.1 release
PASS performance test passed
FAIL performance test failed to produce value
NOEXIT performance test did not exit with code 0, test failed
NOTERM test did not terminate, aborted after timeout
NORUN test did not run, execute failed
NOLOG create log file for test output failed