OpenBSD perform 2019-05-13 test results

created at 2019-06-17T16:41:15Z
run at 2019-05-13T21:38:24Z
run log
test host with cpu cores ot12/8
machine release setup 6.5/install info
steps 3/1day
cvs checkout 2019-05-06 2019-05-07 2019-05-08
machine build info build info build info
kernel build version version version
kernel commits cvslog/13 cvslog/5
build quirks quirks
repetitions 5/keep 5/keep 5/keep
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t10 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3250000000 3250000000 3210000000 bits/sec
receiver 3200000000 3190000000 3150000000 bits/sec
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t10_-R PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3130000000 3240000000 3220000000 bits/sec
receiver 3190000000 3300000000 3290000000 bits/sec
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t10_10.3.0.33 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3101195250 3111386500 3059951500 bits/sec
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t10_-n100_10.3.0.33 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3125358750 3112332375 3059699625 bits/sec
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b10G_-w1m_-t10 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 1130000000 1110000000 1160000000 bits/sec
receiver 1110000000 1080000000 1130000000 bits/sec
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b10G_-w1m_-t10_-R PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 1170000000 1170000000 1190000000 bits/sec
receiver 1170000000 1170000000 1190000000 bits/sec
time_-lp_make_-CGENERIC.MP_-j8_-s PASS PASS PASS unit
real 155.644 151.318 154.918 sec
user 538.624 537.834 539.142 sec
sys 495.728 501.976 502.954 sec
time_-lp_fs_mark_-dfs_mark_-D8_-N16_-n256_-t8 PASS PASS PASS unit
files 154.38 153.64 155.16 1/sec

AOpenBSD/amd64 6.2 release
Bfix cvs vendor branch checkout
Cclang update LLVM to 5.0.0
Dpfctl pf packet rate matching
Emove kernel source file dwiic.c
Fpfctl pf divert type
Gsysctl struct vfsconf
Hclang update LLVM to 5.0.1
Ipfctl pf syncookies
JOpenBSD/amd64 6.3 release
Kpfctl remove PF_TRANS_ALTQ
Lfix cvs vendor branch checkout
Mclang update LLVM to 6.0.0
Nretpoline for kernel
Orevert remaining puc commit for com
Ptop systat report CPU spinning time
Qsysctl add kern.witnesswatch
Rclang add ret protector options as no-ops
Sclang add retguard
Tpfctl pf generic packet delay
Upatch some garbage in GENERIC.MP
Vzap some garbage in GENERIC.MP
Wbinutils infrastructure to install lld
Xclang refactor retguard
YOpenBSD/amd64 6.4 release
Zprepare kernel for lld linker
acvs vendor branch checkout
buse lld as default linker
cclang with final lld fixes
dclang turns on retpoline by default
eclang builds itself without retpoline
fclang update LLVM to 7.0.1
gclang implement save function arguments
hsave function arguments for ddb traces
ipfctl pf len ioctl get states
jbinutils for libLLVM
kclang with libLLVM
lclang no stack protector if retguard
mOpenBSD/amd64 6.5 release
nadd ucrcom to files