OpenBSD perform 2018-12-20 test results

created at 2019-01-23T22:52:47Z
run at 2018-12-20T18:59:22Z
run log
release setup modes 6.3/keep
steps 3/6hour
cvs checkout 2018-05-02 2018-05-02 2018-05-03
test build build build
kernel build version version version
kernel commits log/6 log/2
build quirks quirks/M
dmesg after run amd64 amd64 amd64
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t60 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3390000000 3530000000 3390000000 bits/sec
receiver 3390000000 3530000000 3390000000 bits/sec
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-w1m_-t60_-R PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3660000000 3530000000 3770000000 bits/sec
receiver 3660000000 3530000000 3770000000 bits/sec
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t60_10.3.0.33 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3184014810 3408649741 3185198051 bits/sec
tcpbench_-S1000000_-t60_-n100_10.3.0.33 PASS PASS PASS unit
sender 3317732793 3478839543 3336944034 bits/sec
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b0_-w1m_-t60 PASS PASS PASS unit
iperf3_-c10.3.0.33_-u_-b0_-w1m_-t60_-R PASS PASS PASS unit
time_-lp_make_-CGENERIC.MP_-j8_-s PASS PASS PASS unit
real 112.74 111.73 112.01 sec
user 413.20 412.88 414.70 sec
sys 315.96 303.71 305.74 sec
wall 112.75 111.74 112.02 sec
TCP Performance
UDP Performance
MAKE Performance
AOpenBSD/amd64 6.2 release
Bfix cvs vendor branch checkout
Cclang update LLVM to 5.0.0
Dpfctl pf packet rate matching
Emove kernel source file dwiic.c
Fsysctl struct vfsconf
Gclang update LLVM to 5.0.1
HOpenBSD/amd64 6.3 release
Ipfctl remove PF_TRANS_ALTQ
Jfix cvs vendor branch checkout
Kclang update LLVM to 6.0.0
Lretpoline for kernel
Mrevert remaining puc commit for com
Ntop systat report CPU spinning time
Osysctl add kern.witnesswatch
Pclang add ret protector options as no-ops
Qclang add retguard
Rpfctl pf generic packet delay
Spatch some garbage in GENERIC.MP
Tzap some garbage in GENERIC.MP
Ubinutils infrastructure to install lld
Vclang refactor retguard
WOpenBSD/amd64 6.4 release
Xprepare kernel for lld linker
Ycvs vendor branch checkout
Zuse lld as default linker
aclang with final lld fixes
bclang turns on retpoline by default
cclang builds itself without retpoline